Stiff clutch. '01 M900ie

Hi all,
Before I try new fluid etc, anyone got any thoughts on this? All totally standard and original. Even plates etc. 15k miles
Clutch has been fine for years. But last few months, lever wont pull all the way in and it’s not fully disengaged. Ok to move off but its biting.
However, after about 20min of riding, it goes back to normal.
No external signs of weeping and fluid level is normal.


I would try bleeding but you know your own bike, they are all a bit different. Could be the plates sticking a bit, try pulling clutch pack out and re-fittng.

Cheers, Mart…
You well mate?

About to send it in for desmo service so may add it to the list. Just weird the way it comes back after a bit.

Anyhoo… sticky plates, tired springs etc could make sense.


Could be found on big service, worth checking anyway

At 15.000 miles it’s possible that the flex pipe is breaking down, is the fluid dirty??. Try cleaning the push rod and lubing it with a new o ring and fit an Oberon slave cylinder, all not massively expensive and well worth it imo

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Thats some good advice :+1:

It does sound like the clutch is not fully expanding . Could it be a worn basket . Duc clutch’s are similar to the speedway clutch’s we I have worked with . It could be notches in the basket , burs on the plates . If you find the problem let the club know .

Hi All,
Sorry I hadn’t responded to these replies in 2019!!!
I hadn’t had any notifications of replies, so had not been aware they were there.

It was solved easily, when I had a service. Nice and easy. The pushrod from slave to basket needed a bludy good clean. That really was all that was wrong with it. :slight_smile:

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