“Stile Ducati. A visual history of Ducati Design”, an exclusive book celebrating 90 years of the famous Italian motorcyc

“Stile Ducati. A visual history of Ducati Design”, an exclusive book celebrating 90 years of the famous Italian motorcycle brand

A collection of unique photographs that tells the Ducati story through that attentiveness to style and design for which the Italian motorcycle brand has always been so renowned
Nineteen iconic motorcycles - which include the 916, the Monster and Panigale - illustrate the evolution of Ducati Design
Over 150 photos in one large-format, high quality, 336-page precious volume

Borgo Panigale, Bologna (Italy), 16 December 2016 – Proud to celebrate its 90th anniversary together with its fans, Ducati has decided to make this milestone a memorable one with a volume containing a photographic record of the company’s history, illustrating that attention to style and design for which Ducati has always been so renowned.

“Stile Ducati. A visual history of Ducati Design” published by Skira (Milan - Italy, 2016) is a true collector’s volume, an evocative story told trough images, a sequence of unique shots that highlight the aesthetic value and the design of Ducati motorcycles.
The volume traces the evolution of Ducati design through 19 steps: from the Cucciolo to the 916 and on to the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario. This unique book exalts the beauty, purity and sheer strength of Ducati style which, together with sophistication and performance, illustrate the brand’s core values.

“Every one of our bikes must show it has a full share of Ducati DNA. It must have sports style; it has to ooze adrenalin, power, fluidity and technology. At the same time, its design must be pure and essential, capable of communicating lightness while ensuring high performance and off-the-scale riding fun. A design that sends an at-a-glance shiver down the spine, a taste of what’s to come when you ride it” says Andrea Ferraresi, the Ducati Desing Center Director.

All aspects of this book have been designed and developed internally, from the concept to the photographic style and narrative. It is a large-format, high quality book of 336 pages containing over 150 photos by Giovanni De Sandre, whose outstanding professionalism has captured the stunning allure of every Ducati-designed line.

The photos are close-ups of the selected bikes. A sequence of unique shots highlighting the captivating beauty of Ducati motorcycles, showcased like real works of art. At the end of each chapter there is a full photo of the motorcycle: irresistible images with a black backdrop to bring out the key lines and the sheer beauty of the bike’s shape. Each chapter includes a brief description of the motorcycle, key aspects of its development and the relative historical context.

Lastly, the photographic narrative is interspersed with statements showing how Ducati sees design. «Our bikes transmit the same tension, concentration and power that sculpt the body of a 100-metre sprinter on the starting blocks» and «Ducati style stands out because it’s found in every single component, even the least visible» are just two of the citations included in the book.

To close, the volume dedicates two pages to key moments in Ducati’s history and has a descriptive index of the images.

On sale in Ducati Dealerships and, as of 21 December, at shop.ducati.com. “Stile Ducati. A visual history of Ducati Design” will become available on the international book market in Spring 2017. Format 29x36.5 cm.

Skira Editore, based in Milan (Italy), was founded in 1928. A publisher of high-end art volumes and the catalogues of major Italian and international fairs, Skira has been a long-standing partner of world-famous Made in Italy brands for many years.