Stolen Race Bikes in Sheffield

GR Motosport - Team WD40
We need everyone’s help please like & share ASAP we have had a break in overnight an all our race bikes have been stollen … Please spread the word we are offering a BIG REWARD for any information to get bikes back !!![attachment=0]12799326_972282542856295_8806141415784522577_n.jpg[/attachment]

and yes, I know they are not Ducatis but we raced 748’s & 916’s together back in the day and no one deserves to have their equipment stolen just before the new season starts so if anyone sees or hears anything let me know - Keith Ringle - THANKS

Damn, that’s bad news Keith.

That’s bad news, Keith, Brent has done incredibly well over the years and certainly doesn’t need this! (Have shared on facebook)