supersport 900

new pics stickers gone, looks better i think.

thats real gold that is

dont make em like that anymore

Thats an unusualy shiny pre USD SS you have there! :smiley:

been using me special polish :wink:

nice bike, that looks absolutley mint :smiley:

Looks good mate.
You have been busy since that 150 miles in the pi$$in rain on the way back from Magny Cours.
Makes me feel guilty, even though I did give mine a wipe over with a sponge and wash&wax yesterday.


thanks for the comments, but the more you ride the little blemishes appear but to be honest dont care, just really enjoying riding this bike. Did another 150 miles last saturday.
steve hope to see you on the Sunday at the bmf show will catch up then. :smiley: