Supporting Bob Hartmann


I’m sure you’ve all read about Bob Hartmann getting an invite for the New year’s Day parade - can anyone arrange for him to receive a DOC GB banner for the event? Thanks :slight_smile:

Has somebody got one in the South ?? would cut down on costs, maybe one from Fiona or the southern organisers of previous events.

I haven’t got a banner, and I don’t think Fi has one either … :frowning:

There were some brought up from the south for the BMF, I am sure that they went back down, just in case I am at Steve Roses tonight I will put one in my car.

This is a good example of why we need an events co-ordinator / team to keep track of all the club’s equipment, so much of it has gone missing over the years.

Has Chris Calton got a banner then? I can’t think of anyone else who would have a banner …

Hello!! I’m part of all this now! Thanks, Spaggy.

And thanks Jilly for the heads up on the banner. I will go wherever it takes to get one. It’s inconvenient of me to drop this on the Club but then you can’t pay for this kind of exposure - let’s try to get some mileage out of it. 500,000 spectators can’t be a bad thing - unless we let them down.

I will post ore specific begging details elsewhere but for the moment, a good idea of the opportunity can be found here:


Hi, I’m part of this now too! Double thanks Spaggy.

I don’t have a banner, but I might know a man who does. I’ll speak to Gary Jenkins and get back to you.



Delighted to see Bob and Chris on this part of the forum - hurrah!!

Where have all the club banners gone to? At one point we had 4 - 2 of which came from Ducati UK. Are they decorating people’s garages??? :astonished:

There are unsubstansiated rumours that an elderly, rotund gentleman is using one for a cape on his Chrimbo outfit. Either that or Santa has borrowed one. :wink:


I’ve just spoken to Gary and he confirms what I suspected. He has several banners, none of which is generic and all have Dorset branch details on them. I’m sure he would be able to create one for the event if he was asked fairly soon.



Over to Bob … and the treasurer!!! :slight_smile:

Right. How do we get ahold of the young and beautiful Mr Jenkins? Saw the ones he made this summer. I know these things cost £££ and he shouldn’t be asked to stretch any favours at work.

Is it a done deal that the existing banners no longer exist? Who’s tree should I be shaking? Thanks.

To give you an idea of comparables in the Parade… There’s a Gold Wing Owners Club which whispers by (boring) and a “Muscle Bike” Club - formerly oily Brit bikes and now Harley clones - which bounces by (Motley). Neither displays details (web site) or how to join. We have a chance to raise the bar here.

Although the organisers have asked me for 20 quiet bikes I suspect no-one will miss us going by … did you see the crowd we pulled at an unannounced event this summer? (Please only watch the first 60 seconds then shut it off…)

Only the first 60 seconds. Really.


Bob, try 01202 620470 or email for Gary …or maybe Chris C has passed on the message. If you are going to get a new one made up (maybe for use at other Southern events too - ie Bristol, Horsham Piazza, Southern Rally, Ace Cafe Run, etc) get approval from Graham S once you know how much it will cost. It’ll save lots of faffing about throughout the rest of the year for Southern events if we have one easy to locate …

Would still be interested to know where the other banners are though … :astonished:

I have only ever seen the ones that Steve has fro Stafford, the ones used at the BMF Guy and the ones Fiona had at Stafford in April.

I have a big flag that I use and also a banner.

As far as I know, Fi doesn’t have any DOC banners now, I will find out where they were sent to.

Update: I’m making progress with Gary Jenkins. Good man. He’s doing something up in his own style. The man has an unswerveable obsession with the 860GT so I may have to pay for them myself… I mean, really.

Still need riders!!! Man, I miss the email list. Should I invite the DSC?


As I understand it, Fi is getting some banners done via Gary for Bristol show so it could be worth your while contacting her.
I miss the email list too :astonished: