Switch gear 900 bevel

Hi. I’m looking for left hand switch gear for my 79 900ss bevel.
Apparently the horn switch is irreparable and it failed the mot :rage:

When the switch fell apart many years ago on my '79 900SS, I replaced it with one from a GS Suzuki of the same period.These are what was fitted to the MHR’s.

Steve R

Cheers Mr R.
I’ll get right on it

Just a quick one…Why did you need an MOT?
My '79 900 and my '74 250 Desmo no longer need one as they’re over 40 years old.

Steve R

True indeed. I have only recently bought the bike and thought I’d put it for an mot.
Expected it to fly through.
Won’t be so keen again :laughing:

I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere on t’interweb that somebody is 3d printing parts for this switchgear? (CEV, also fitted to some Moto Morini? ), Or, as Steve says, GS400 or similar

Cheers. Managed to source one. Bought it before I new about the gs option which would have saved me a few quid. :money_mouth_face: