Team 'Never Prepared' Racing

I’m trying out Photobucket as I’ve never used it before so please let me know if these images don’t work!

This one of me and my 250 was taken at Anglesey earlier on in 2008.

This on’t of me racing at Three Sisters towards the end of 2008. In fact I think it was the day my season ended, as I crashed later that same day!

If these images work OK then I’ll get some more loaded up.



yup, well done Roger! Get these pictures ive not seen up!

How not to finish off the season!

That really is pretty disgusting you know! How did you manage to injure your finger?

ouch, i had to wear one of those head/neck brace things too. pretty uncomfortable but escential. my accident wasnt as glam as crashing a race bike though.

i tripped down the last two stairs at home :blush: .