Teleconference for COM meetings

I have access to a professional teleconferencing facility that we agreed at the last COM meeting we should try to use for some COM meetings to avoid unnecessary travel and therefore allow more COM members to attend.

The advantage of using this system is that you can dial in using a landline, mobile or your computer. We can also set it up so that attendees can share computer screens - this might be useful if we were discussing a part of the website, banner design, etc.

The minimum you need to join is a landline or mobile.

I have set up an initial test meeting with just Martyn so we can ensure all the instructions are clear and everything works as expected. Once that is complete I will schedule one with all COM members. The invites will be emailed to you and will contain all the joining uinstructions. I can also post the details on the COM part of the forum.



excellent idea! Can’t wait to get this up and running, I’ve used skype for a couple of years and it’s a great way to communicate, I’m sure it will help with the CoM meet expenses.

We said once per month for CoM meets but since then I though branch reps would also benefit, this will make them feel more part of it and branches then may help each other and share ideas, a different night for branch meets of course.

yes, branch reps have always been invited to join CoM meetings so it’s only right that they should join in with the skype calls

Steve and myself did this last night successfully, we are having another trial next Monday for all CoM or those able to attend, no agenda, catch up and round robin so everybody gets a say. I will minute anything that needs to be minuted. Steve will sell invitations out by e mail.

Sounds a good idea … depends what time on Monday as I look after my grandchildren on Mondays!

That’s good news, I will probably be out next Monday though too.

It is just a group test, who can be there at the time, there will be another scheduled soon after, we will be having CoM ones monthly.

promises, promises … :wink: :laughing:

I will try to be there depending on time and me setting up computer.
Also our broad band speed is crap so that won’t help.

Broadband speed is pretty rubbish here too …

Tell me about it, ours is supposed to be 60mb but it’s only 50mb… Bloody Virgin! :slight_smile:

I use this system extensively for work and in my old house I only had 1.5MB (yes it really was that slow :frowning: . However I could still talk and share a screen. I have about 10MB now and Martyn can confirm that it causes no issues.

You can also dial in from a mobile or landline if you want to but then cannot join any screen sharing



[size=150]I dream for such speeds! At pesent we have average .8mb!!! yes there is a point in front of the 8 :frowning:

So no hope then by the sound of that.


Wow !! The joys of Cornish life !! Lets see how it goes.

I dream of 10mb. We are supposed to be getting super fast from March this year. But we are talking Cornwall so will be done dreckly :wink:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

[size=150]Well I think that worked quite well. I didn’t see a thing, but was good to talk to Martyn, Jilly and Steve all at the same time. Look forward to next time and I might try the computer, for a laugh.


Yes, it was good to chat to Guy, Martyn and Steve - it did take me a few minutes to work out how to set it up though (but I had been looking after my grandchildren!!)

Spoke to Steve for a few mins and swapped screen images, seemed to work quite well, it will be good to have a full meet up.
Good idea Steve.