Telesco (Mototrans) forks help needed

Has anyone ever rebuilt a pair of Telesco forks off of a Spanish Mototrans single.
This should have been a ten minute job but it’s been three weekends now…
Having taken mine apart to put new seals in I can’t get them back together!
They have a wierd bushing arrangement that has one in the top of the slider, and another (slightly compressable) one in the bottom of the stanchion. The stanchion one has to pass inside the slider one, but no matter what I try I can’t seem to get the two to pass.
Threading the eye of a needle isn’t even close! This is a feeler guage job! It took some gentle persuasion with a hammer to get them to part in the first place.
So, is there a trick to this? Is there something simple I’m missing (like a brain cell) or does it need specialist attention?

Go and join it’s a fantastic Ducati Singles Forum and some of the guys in there specialise in Motortrans models.

Search previous posts first, as I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a thread on rebuilding Telesco forks recently.

Thanks. I found the MotoScrubs site but they have a tech issue that prevented me joining.
I should be able to soon though.
However, the data they have seems to refer to older forks, which are nothing like mine.
I’ve attached photos showing what forks I have (in bits) and on the bike.
If anyone has any clue as to how you put these back together I’d be grateful!

Hi Spaggi,

Just to let you know that the Motoscrubs website is back up and running now. A quick search revealed 31 posts if you put Telesco Forks into the query box. Try other variations too, as the search engine on there is pretty poor.

Failing that, give Nigel Lacey at Lacey Ducati a call or drop him an email. He’s a really helpful guy but can take a while to get back to you sometimes as he’s really busy. I can’t rate him highly enough.

Hope this helps a bit :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers. The usual suspects are being wheeled out, so I’m checking through all the people I know with history on the singles. First stop Tony Brancato.
However, as it’s about a peripheral item (if you can forks that) and Telescos were only used on the Barcelona built Mototrans bikes, most that know the Bolognese bikes inside out are not a lot more knowledgeable on Spanish forks than I am.
They were obsolete thirty years ago, so it’s not easy to find anything on the WWW.

Hi Spaggy
Im in sunny staffs as you can see —since the loc down decided to have a go at the ducati 250 Spanish and i have come up with a problem with those Telesco forks im still in the process of trying to get them apart any help would be most grateful

Sorry for the delay.
After banging my head against the wall for several weeks trying to get more info I just went ahead and tried brute force and ignorance.
Having done so I worked out you need to remove the circlip at the top of the sliders while the stanchion is still in place. Then the seals can be prized out and the legs will pull out.
I then found out they are not Telesco forks after all. Someone with more specialist knowledge identified them as something Japanese, quite possibly a Suzuki.
Whatever they are they are neither Telesco or Italian in origin, but this is something I didn’t know until lots of looking for Telesco data turned up naff all.
Just one of the issues in buying a 40 year old bike you are unfamiliar with! But it’s no disaster. Just not original. But anyone who knows me will know that’s never been a big issue for me.
At least it’s an affordable single. There’s a bit more work to do but it runs (slowly) and is mechanically sound, so I’m still generally happy with it.
Good luck finding more info on Telesco forks. It’s not easy.

If you are local, give me a bell on 01889 804564 and we can compare notes.