Ten pint Princess

They might be the Ten pint Princess of the Ducati range, but I had a sit on a 2005 Multistrada today. Hmmm. Luxury seat, Hmmmm lots of room for luggage, Hmmmm perfect riding position for me, Hmmmm surprisingly light, Hmmm felt just like a KTM which is a bike I love. hmmmm, test ride next week then. :astonished:

If you like the MS then give the Gran Canyon a try - if you can find one.

I’ve seen a fair few 2003-2004 model strada going for 3-4K with only 2 or 3 thousand miles on the clock, so somthing like that will do me just fine. What I really want from this machine is comfort (if I’m in th mood for pain, I’ve the bevel!), so does anyone know if the later or improved seats fits the earlier models?


Seriously Keef,

there’s a Gran Canyon currently at £700 on Ebay and it won’t go for more than £1,600 at the very top price. The seat is much comfier than the MS - one of the best I’ve tried. These bikes are a give away. The problem is almost non-existent spares backup for the bodywork if you drop one

The one on ebay is a 750. Must admit I have given the Gran Canyon a thought. they normaly go for £2,000, knowing me though, I’d strip one of the cagivas down and put the engine in the Spondon as the cagiva engines are machined down where the swingarm pin normaly goes and fits in better than an engine from a Duke!


Hmmmm. Test rode two 1000DS models today. First one has 8.5K (miles) last service done at 3.5K, so id due another service about now (10000 kiometers between services as it happens!). Its a 2005 model, so gets the improved seat and screen with better mirrors. Very clean with no corrosion.-£8750

Initialy the bike felt like it was running wide but after 40 mins i got the hang of it OK. Very comftorable. On the bad side the clutch was grabby and squeeled when pulling away slowly and it was not at all smooth around town, needing quite a low gear at 30mph, and the engine was not as smooth as the old Bevel or a modern 600 and you had to make sure that you had just the right revs to get it round bends. Over all though a very proficient all rounder.

I then rode a second exmple, this one was a 2003 model with 18K (miles)on the clock, fitted lots of extras,Heated grips (£232) hand gaurds (around £100) a center stand (about £120) and a rear top box rack ( minus top box but £150 worth!) and a Ducati Performance gel seat (£122)- all the kind of things I would like to add anywway! Last belt change and service at 14k in 2007, so ready for ts next one. The clutch was more rattly than usual so I suspect it is worn. £3499.

Main thing about this one was that it tipped in much better, making for the kind of handling you expect from a ducati, it had Continental road attack tyres fitted)

I’ve e mailed the dealer with the first bike for tyre information and have sugested he checks the tyre pressures!

The quest continues…

I have made a purchase! :smiley:

Talk about a different bike. The Ohlins are a lot better than the DS model which i found a bit on the bouncy side. The clutch is lovely and the engine is loads smoother than the others I’ve ridden.

Something to do with it only having 700 miles on the clock I suspect!

Only problem is I’ve spent the whole buget on the bike, luggage and repainting the 450RT on, well just the bike…

Never mind i have untill early next May to sort out the panniers, luggage rack and comfy seat so it is ready for the first DOC rally of 2010!