Termi's for 1098s...?

Hi everyone.

Having just got my 1098s (in my view the best model of course) I wasn’t bothered by extra power and the like, yet having heard an 848 pull up at my office with Termi’s on, I now want some because they sounded AMAZING that even the CEO who’d not a biker said “wow you’ve got to get some of those”

Having looked at new, they’re not cheap, rightfully so of course, so I’m after a 2nd hand set of slip on’s (with ECU, connecting pipes etc.) of course I’ve got my eye out on Twat-Bay yet wondered if anyone in the club is looking to off load their’s? If so drop me a PM please.

Thanks, Cornish

You do have to get them !! They sound awesome

Well, Martyn, I took the plunge and bought a set from ebay and they get delivered Wednesday so i’ll be fitting them on Saturday morning me thinks!

I presume it’ll be easy having built up bikes before from just an engine…?

ECU, air filter, brackets, bolts and cans all included.

I’ll search the web today fro instructions though just in case.

I’m take it as I’ve got the ECU it’s a simple swap over and no Dyno time needed…?

P.s. I’ve copied into the Technical section also.

No, just swap them and enjoy !!! It is funny when people hear you coming they look up !!!

Well, I thought it was time to update you on the Termi slip-on’s I treated myself to and had fitted by MD Racing in Walton-on-Thames.

1st off great job by Mike and his team at MD Racing, he always spends the time to explain fully what they will do and what you can expect afterwards. I love this as i’m usually doing everything myself on the bike, and as the 1098s is new to me I need to learn.

The sound is AMAZING :astonished: , I can honestly say that it was a great choice, power delivery is smoother, sounds amazing (i’ve said that already) and an increase in power slightly.

Recommend you all get them if you can, appreciate other brands appeal to people, yet I’m happy with the Termi’s on my bike and so is my bike I reckon!

Have a good festive period one and all, Cornish

Loud pipes save lives, well they sound good anyway !!