Test Topic for new version

This is a test topic that I have [size=150]created[/size] to ensure it is working

Would somebody please post a reply using a selection of font [size=200]sizes[/size]/colours and types please

Loads lots faster as well !! Great stuff

yes, I’m trying out new colours and fonts but can’t see the font size to change?[size=150] or have I just found it???[/size]

You found it, working brilliantly !!!

I see you didn’t find it, Martyn! :smiley:

Thanks to those that added some test posts.

Looks like the upgrade was successful and I will now ensure we do regular updates as they become available so I do not have to do such a major upgrade again

Me too… Where should I put my tax disc? :smiley:

!!! Nice on Kevin …

‘on Kevin’ ???

test [size=200]test[/size] test test