Thanks to Keith Barker, I've arrived...

Hello all. Finally got around to following some instructions on how to get my 'puter to trust this site and get onto the forum.

Been a long time DOC-er but not so active recently. I’ve owned Dukes ancient and modern for donkeys but current stable is 999S, 748 Bip and a 250SCR.

Home is Gloucestershire and the aim is to try to get to hook-up with some of you like-minded folks in the not too distant future.

Good, welcome to the forum from the sunny West Mids.
Hope to see you around.

Hi Kevin - I realised after ‘posting’ that I got the wrong first name! :blush:

Thanks anyway for the information on how to get ‘here’.

Godo to hear theres another proper duke on here :wink:

Yeah, SCR was a recent project. I’ve turned it into a long-distance trials machine. Sections are mild compared to ‘day’ trials but with a number of mods, competitive and the only reliability issue is when there’s a major dousing of the ignition electrics - it can cut out. This is only an issue when it’s p*****g down or going through deep-ish water.

Good to hear of someone using one in anger.
If you’re competing then it’d be appreciated if you could post your plans and results on the ‘racers’ section of the forum so we can follow your antics.



Okay will do. Next outing is the Lands End Trial, Good Friday and the Saturday. Will ‘post’ when I’m back.

A good read in the racing section would be good, we have to stick together. Can you use electronic ignition in your class?

Yes, electronic ignition is fine. The club is called the Motor Cycling Club and there are classes for bikes, three-wheelers and cars - of various descriptions. So far as bikes are concerned, the technical limitations are very few. You have to use permitted tyres - which pretty much boils down to trials tyres, though not exclusively as you can use road tyres and get some free ‘foots’. Because there’s a lot of road miles, typically around 250, you need something with a decent sized fuel tank and it has to be road legal. And as some of the sections are overnight you need lights!

My SCR is converted to 12v and runs a modified Boyer Bransden ignition, though I see Electrex are marketing an uprated alternator which has the option of electronic ignition. Probably going to be sold for around £250 to £300, I think.

My preference is still for points.
Not as resistant to water but not a lot to go wrong either, and when you do get a problem you can usually physically see it!



True. My previous single was a 250 that I used for circuit racing back in the 80s (it too started life as a SCR!) and I ran a Lucas RITA system on that. Never had a problem, though. My last experience of points was when the other half and I were going to the TT and she had to use a MZ (long story). We were late and the poor thing ended-up being caned. It conked-out in Lancaster on the way to Heysham when the points had closed up through wear! After re-setting the gap (and then the timing) we got going again only to arive with the ferry sailing out of view!