That is it !!!!

Well I am very, very pleased to report that ALL paypal, Protx and cheques are all on our system with no glitches at all, just awaiting 179 and they will all be in the post, thanks all for putting up with me being a bad tempered tetchy bastard !!! As it is now working let us see what happens, if there is a query about have you got my cheque or my payment then the answer is no as there is nothing to my knowledge outstanding, including our Esther’s Valentines and everybody else, now I must do some ironing, oh the single life… :cry: :cry: :cry:

Hurrah!! … and I think you’ll find that Desmo 179 has been waiting for you, Martyn :wink:
Hopefully, as TPW now have the mailing data, they will get the mag mailed out asap :smiley:
Let’s hope that Desmo 180 will be sticking more to the schedule.

Well Mike got the data on Monday, I have though just recieved loads of paypal notifications from June to now and quite a lot, maybe 60 but no names just ref. numbers, I cannot do anything with them and have e-mailed both Spaggy and Graham, those alone represent hours of work. The light at the end of the tunnel seems to have been a mirror.