The 748/916/999/998 section is now open

Thanks to webmaster Spaggy for letting me in, due to my ineptitude with the registration procedure.

I had a 916 Biposto from 1997 to 2004 did 45,000 miles on that, replaced in 2005 with a 1998 916SPS, done 12,000 miles so far, never ridden a 748 but thats not because I don’t want to, seen most of the highs and lows of the marque during 13 years of Ducati ownership, and thats enough from me, lets hear about your experiences good or bad with the best bikes ever made.


998S Final Edition Monoposto - owned from new - and now slightly blinged up…

Brembo Master cylinders
Motocorse Radial Brake Set up
Brembo monoblock radial calipers
Carbon Corse Air tubes
Hi Flow air filters
Dyno Tuned to 146bhp at rear wheel
Corse Rear Sets
Power Commander
Lots of titanium bits and bolts and lots of carbon…
50mm carbon termignonis - ceramic coated
MPL Slave cylinder

Done 10,000 miles together including spectacular road trip to WDW 2007
No major issues to report - apart from warped front disks (prior to radial conversion) replaced under warranty and a spate of blowing header tanks apart…4 in total in close succession. Problem now sussed and minor modification made and touch wood, have now covered 750 miles with no signs of blue stuff appearing!!!

I love this bike - will never ever sell her - but am tempted to buy a 1098 - fed up at staring at a set of 70mm termis in the distance when me and my mate go out for a spin…!!!

Hi and welcome,

all sounds good apart from the header tanks, what was the cause?
Mine did one last year but has been OK since.


Its a design fault apparently…and quite common. The header tank is held in place with a small rubber bung, which presses up against the bottom of the ignition key barrel. When the tank gets hot, it expands, and the top of the header pushes against the under side of the ignition. This stresses the top of the tank - and can cause it to split just to the side of the safety release valve. Every tank I have had has failed in exactly the same place…

The remedy, recommended by several people who know including Shazam…is to cut about 2-3mm of the bottom of the rubber bung and put a spacer washer under the ignition key barrel retaining plate.

Having done this, touch wood I have lots of trouble free motoring, with no sign of coolant escapes…

Thanks for the information. I must have missed Shazam’s post on that one. Another job for the list before spring.


Just thought I’d tell you about my bike here; I’m suprised there aren’t more postings by people who own similar machinery. Anyway I was fortunate enough to aquire my 998S two years ago in October 2006, at the time it had only done 8300 miles. My previous bike was an injected 900SS, grey with red wheels, I really did love that bike but had always aspired to owning a 996 or 998. Well this 998S came up,I scrimped the cash together and bought it and wow what a pleasant suprise. This bike was all I’d ever dreamed it would be, its never let me down in the two years I’ve owned it and thats included two big European trips. In 2007 I went down to WDW2007, eight of us from the Mid Anglian branch went and had a fantastic time. This year six of us went to Southern France and again had a great time. The bike has now completed 24656 miles and never seems to miss a beat; bit notchy round town but she more than makes up for that on the open road. Only changes I’ve made to it are Carbon Termi race pipes and a single seat tailpiece from a Final Edition model. Its everything I’ve ever wanted and I cant see me ever parting with it.


Just arrived on the new forum so letting people know I’m about.

Got a 1994 916S1 (You know it well Steve B) Loads of fun - nothing really major gone wrong in the 10 years and 40k miles i’ve done since I had it as the second owner. Love it to bits and would never sell it. Slightly non-standard and blinged up - not going into all the details but it looks ok!

And by the way it may be back on the IoM again this year (I will be there but not sure which bike I’m using yet!)


hi guys

i recenly bought a 996 S. The clocks seems moving a lots…i think they are disconnected but they all work. do you know how to check?

Also i think the brakes need bleeding…but no idea of how to do it.

the bike is on sorn at the moment so i cannot take it anywhere… I think i gotta do all this myself but i got no experience on doing this kind of checks…can anybody help?

When you say the clocks move do you mean if you grab them they move. Do you have any mechanical knowledge to do them with instructions ??

i guess i could try but i do not get on relly well with screwdrivers… :slight_smile:

yes i grab them and it seems like the whole dashboard (or instrumentations or cloks) is detached…they all work tho…which is a good news.

I bought this bike in september…I look to get it sorted as i think

  1. the brakes front and rear needs to be bleeded or the pads checked…it doesnt brake as i expected…maybe the habit with the 330 mm on the SF :slight_smile:
  2. the stearing nut needs to be checked as it does a strage CLICK when i depart from still
  3. the clocks move as stated above…

I know that for some people the above 3 are a piece of cake but for me… :slight_smile:

the bike is not insured at the moment so i can’t take it to the road…maybe if someone have a van we could take it to a garage where there are tools and space and work on it.

I was thinking to take it to SONDEL Yamaha in bleckfenn but they don’t deal with ducati…even tho i think the above stuff are unrelated to ducati engines…

Any thought?

Hi Donvittrioc

You could try contacting nuttynick of the Kent area branch, he should have some useful contacts to sort out your problems.
Sounds like it has been stood for a while and needs a good going over, and if you are not too handy with tools its best to let someone else do the fettling if you are going to entrust this machine with your life.


Hi Donvittrioc,
try Alec at Ducati Proteam, he’s in Strood, Kent - could be near you?

Not a widely used section it would seem.

I have a 1997 748 Bip all original apart from Termignoni carbon cans (and corresponding chip). Only 13500 in total with all reciepts. MOT’s, service history etc.

Could do with a new rear shock (all pitted and showing signs of not having a hugger fitted) but otherwise very happy with it.

Not much traffic on here Smidsy, thats cos we all love our 748s and 916s so much we are always out riding them and don’t have time to post on here. (thats my theory anyway).

Looks like you have got one just run -in and ready to enjoy. Given the right weather I’m sure you will be racking up the miles and smiles this summer.