The Italians know how to party!

Thanks to a martin Edwards facebook post, I’ve seen how Italian ducati clubs like to party- blimey. This years party is tomorrow!

I’ve done a (rough) babel fish translation of what goes on, somehow I don’t think we would get away with this…

L " ILLEGAL TT FRIDAY NIGHT PARTY @ ART CAFè" IT IS REPEATED! The DesmodromiClub Rome is lieto of presentarvi evening MAXIMA for every Biker from the Bicylindrical heart (Ducatisti and Harleysti NdR) worthy of such name. the evening promises been strange, would be stupid to lack… FREE ENTRANCE FOR BIKERS AND GIRLS Appointment to the hours 22:30 near the Bar Pompi, Via Albalonga, 11 close public square King of Rome IN MOTION (only DUCATI AND HARLEY) in order then successive departure IN MOTION towards one of the premises to the top of Happens them l’ ART CAFè! where it attends to us one knows it to we classified with bar and Dj set…. for who it wanted to catch up to us in car (or without Ducati: D) l appuntameto is for the 23,30 approximately all’ Art Cafè IN RAIN CASE LOCAL APPOINTMENT DIRECTLY AL. WE WANT to YOU AGGRESSIVE, with wish of Divertirvi, WE WANT MOTORCYCLISTS to YOU, OR NELL APPAREL THAT NELL’ MIND. and naturally the girls we want Sexy to them;) L E’ INCOME; FREE FOR WHO SARà IN OUR LISTS, naturally the places are limited… The girls whom they wanted to participate are prayed to contact MARIO DESMO on FACEBOOK Or AL 320/4604201 that will estimate your demands. Hail Brothers and Sisters Lamps Desmo Mario

For those on Facebook, see they have pictures of last years party- looks like fun to me- but then I am a bit of a perv!


I know, I get an invite every bloody week. I AM going early next year, have you seen the pictures Keith !!! WOW !!!