The moment of conception! Naming day.

hello friends, :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since I infested the DOCGB forum but now’s the time to come back :exclamation:

In brief:
2006 I raced a 450Desmo, along with Roger and his 250
2007 I sold the racer to to Andrew to help finance a business I bought (
2008 the itch to race again has become almost unbearable :exclamation: (also other ulterior motives :sunglasses: )

So, what do you do in situations like this :question:

Weeeell, if you just happen to have a couple of 450desmo engines dismantled in the garage it’s officially ‘a good start’ :slight_smile: The chance to pick up a frame for £100 also helps. :open_mouth:
and everything else is what the business provides :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

But, no offense intended Roger, everyman and his dog races either a 250 or a 350, usually red and white/ silver. But the previous 450Desmo - The Yellow Peril -was somewhat tardy out of hairpin corners against the hated Hodna K4s :imp: So that is something to sort at the start of this project.

Without going to the HUGE expense of employing a specialist such as Mr Lacey :open_mouth: , a relatively cheap way to go for sturdier horses is to bore and stroke your way up to nigh on 500cc :astonished: . There are enough horses in the engine to satisfy anyone; the only trouble is they are little weedy Italian ones, used to the quiet life, not being worked too hard in this day and age - spend most of their time in museums or being trailered to shows kind of thing. Constantly tended and fed a diet of the standard fare when they were first born. you know the stuff - NOS, replica parts etc etc.

OOOPs, smote the wrong buttons.
My horses will be crossbred German alloy/ Brit steel with more than just a hint of Nederland brain behind them :slight_smile:

So, got the piston - 90mm. Got a light alloy liner to suit.

Questions in no particular order as they arrive at my feverish brow:

  1. Who does Nikasil plating in the UK :question: Liner needs it after fitting to the barrel. They’ll know the clearances I would imagine :question:
  2. When I get the crankcase mouth bored open, what’s the recommended ( :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: ) clearance between the liner and the crankcase :question: They’re both alloy so will expand at roughly the same rate, right :question:
  3. A 'GOOD Company’ to stroke the crank is - :question:

enough to start with I think.

BTW, the message header? When I picked up the latest edition of Desmo and saw in one of the little boxes on the front cover, Roger and myself ready for one of the races up at Anglesey. THAT’S when I knew I’d have to get it out of my system :slight_smile: As for the name of the new steed - it has to be “The Destitution 500”, those with prior experience of building/ rebuilding bevels will absolutely understand why. :wink: :frowning:

Hi Howard,
Langcourt Engineering in Weston super Mare are the people to go to for nikasil plating of your barrel.
They did a lovly job boring out my 916SP barrels to 955cc and replating them, they do most of the replating for the bike tuners throughout the country.

Steve Robins

Hi H,

As you’re in Corwen (much ignored part of North Wales 'round there - love it), might be worth running up to a place called Motrac in Ellesmere port. They do a lot of race prep work, including replating and gas flowing, for 125 two strokes and 600cc fours in british championships. They also have dyno facilities so you can check how many crossbreed saxon horses your Italian showpony ends up with :smiling_imp:

Hi Howard,

That’s excellent news. You’ve been missed in the padock!

Sounds like you’ve set yourself an interesting task. Please keep us updated as it progresses (only so I can keep an eye out for anything to make mine go faster :wink: )

Looking forward to seeing you on the track again,