The nice warm Duvet

Hello all
Decided to go out for ride Sun 15th so up at 0730 (one of only two days off) look outside all is white, temp just above freezing mmmm should I or shouldnt I , Nixs decides to stay under the nice warm duvet and not make the effort “SEE YOU, YOU MUST BE MAD” she says, Cup of tea, thick gloves thermals on, extra padding in jacket and leggings,neck warmer right ! Out side 851 wheeled out from nice warm dry garage out into cold wilderness,after couple of pushes on starter bike booms into life gurgling a deep growl interupting the Sunday morning ambience of suburbia,First gear and away trying to keep the termis down to an acceptable level,low seasonal sun and gritted roads not ideal but were out now lets go for it.(thoughts of that nice warm duvet)
Through the Wirral meet up with Mark with none stating 996 unable to go further :frowning: ,now should I turn around (nice warm duvet) or carry on,Well opportunity not to be missed :wink: so carried on ride down through Cheshire to Broxton lovelly weather clear sunny colddddd.Broxton Cafe warm up mug of coffee and bacon batch talk Ducatis with one fellow motorcycling braveheart,likes to tell me he bought one and only ever Duc as a new 848 never run properly and on his way taking it back to local Duc dealer for first service it put a con rod through bottom of engine,never again he says I know my choice of bike 1980’s CX 500 :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: say goodbyes.
Upto Whitchurch watch out for them roads, frost,ice either side of roads stay away from those corners and bends in shade keep,nice steady speed, through Ellesmere past the meres bike booming through villages onto Whittington Castle frozen moat icy car park time for a nice warm cuppa (see photos on club site photobucket-Wirral Section)
Admiration from visiting passers by for once shinning red Duc now abounded in white salt residue and its owner for being out on it in such weather.
Time to head back A483 Wrexham,Chester sun bright in sky lovely clear passing cars with no effort ears ringing from wonderful Ducatisti sound behind,through Parkgate (sorry for rattling the windows on the Marsh Cat Restuarant passing Stevie ) onto Heswall ,West Kirby, Hoylake,finally a well earned pint at the local,then home :smiley:

I could have stayed under that nice warm duvet… but was I happy I made the effort on my own you bet :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Cheers Timbo

Nice, hope you washed the salt off! :sunglasses: