The Rules

This Forum is provided for the benefit of all Ducati Owners Club GB members. We allow non members to participate but we will delete anything that breaks the rules.

We want it to be a useful forum and as such we have a few rules (subject to amendment at any time) to make things run smoothly.

New members posts are moderated until they have made 10 approved posts. After that their posts appear immediately. This is done to stop unwanted advertising and/or other posts.

Duplicate posts (identical or near identical) will be deleted.

Advertisements can only be for Ducati related items - it is a Ducati forum. If you try to advertise anything else the post will be deleted. Advertisements can only be posted in the “For Sale” and “Wanted” topics. If you post an advertisement anywhere else on the forum it will be deleted.

Some categories require registration and logging in before they can be used.

Branch pages are open to all visitors, so guests can make enquiries about their local branch meetings etc.

Foul language, libellous comment or similar misuse will have any offending post removed immediately and the user barred WITHOUT WARNING. So don’t go there. Enjoy. :smiley:

Metallic grey/silver Wheel paint colour / code for a 950 multistrada 2017?, can anyone help please? I have a few stone chips that need sorting over the winter, thanks TC