thinking of buying a multistrada

thinking of buying a multistrada. Any observations anyone wants to make about them?

Sorry Graham but my observation hasn’t changed since I saw my first one at the BMF a few years ago - THEY ARE UGLY AS HELL. Most Ducatis have style and make you smile when you open the garage door.
One look at a Multi would have me reaching for the car keys.

They probably ride OK but so does a H****.


Yeah, I saw it first at the BMF as well. I was reminded of a French concept / expression belle laide. A literal English translation is beautiful ugly although as with many translations doesn’t really convey the true concept. It applies to women that are attractive but not in a conventional sense. I’ve always thought the actress Karen Black was an example of this.

(showing off, now that I’ve learnt to post images!)

It’s like it’s ugly from some angles and beautiful from others… As the bike is intended to do a lot of miles touring and commuting I’m willing to forgive it it’s belle laide looks in exchange for practicality and versatility.

Graham, I have ridden quite a few of them and find them comfortable and practical, so much so I am also thinking of buying one as my third bike next year.


you are definitely showing signs of MMO. This is an affliction that occurs mainly in middle aged men and one I have been suffering from for a number of years myself. Multiple Motorcycle Ownership has no known cure… :laughing:

This I understand and am going to self help clases at Manchester Ducati to help my affliction. Problem is I see apperations each time I attend the classes and come away counting my pennies to see which bike I can afford.

So you are giving advice based on one that you have ‘seen’ and not even ridden. OOoohhh Kaaayy…!

I have had mine for a few months, (I actually own it) so can confidently say it is an excellent all-rounder. A great bike to commute on and a great bike to go out with the lads with on ride-outs, I just love mine to bits although this is my first Ducati! For my next bike I will possibly upgrade to the 1100 or buy a Hypermotard, not sure yet. (can’t have a sports bike due to dodgy back or I would have an 848.)

At the end of the day some people don’t like them and others do, just like most things in life. Me, as I say I love mine, I am looking at it now through the window as I type and I think it looks great outside shiny in the sun.

It has Ducati on the side, it’s Red and that will do me. :slight_smile:

Excuse me Graham this is your thread but I will just butt in for a second please.

Paul I don’t usually bite when baited but this time I feel like I need to.

Graham asked for observations which I gave, and I believe that we both saw a Multi for the first time at the same BMF and had the “it is ugly” conversation.

I have never ridden one because as I said, one of the reasons for having a Ducati is to enjoy the looks as well as the ride. I have nothing against trail style machinery and would happily swap my XL185 for a Hyper, if shed space and finances would permit.

Grumble over from another MMO sufferer, - 1998 916SPS red with Ducati on the side + 1994 900SS red with Ducati on the side + 1981 XL185 red with Ducati parked at the side of it + (1980 Moto Martin GSX1168 Black and chrome and in bits all over the shed).


Yeh, and Multistradas still look like a slapped arse … :slight_smile:



I saw a review of the the Multistrada on the telly when it first came out and they liked the concept, the performance etc. but not the looks. The last shot was of the reviewer riding the bike along with a large brown paper bag over the screen and headlight…

Merry Christmas lads :smiley: :smiley: