Todays bulletin from the IoM

Sat 31st May. Members of the DOC enjoy a joyouse day in the IoM sunbathing to the sound of the SuperBike race…won by Cameron McDonald,DOC members now enloying an evening of food drink.

DOC members will gather tomorow, Sunday, at the Waterfall hotel Glenmaye 11am. If you are riding a MH Replica, please ensure you attend and your bike might just win you the coveted MH Replica memorial trophy…be there or b square. :smiley:

Sorry we did not catch up, we have been treated like VIP’s all week end long by Ducati UK, Massive shout out to all of them for really making it, we also managed to camp in the paddock, well you know me !!!

Hope those still there get some good pics of the 50th/ (MH 30th!) celebrations from Duc… look forward to seeing them

I still think it’s crying shame that the only competitor there on a Duc was a German privateer - am I to believe that in this anniversary year, none of the top teams could find a bike/rider; not even an old 999, to fly the flag around the island? I even know of a manxman who couldn’t get a decent works ride for the first time in nearly twenty years - he’d have jumped at the chance to ride the thing :cry:

Totally agree me and Rob mentioned this very thing today as we were basking in the sun botom of Bray Hill watching Ducati Parade and Senior race one Ducati !!! boy did it sound well though, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Five days on island with 907 and Rob on 999 did circuit number of times went to DOC barbie quothed a few beers great weather well chuffed-booked for next year :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Just a note thanks to all who arranged barbie and nice to meet DOC members
The Wirral a great place to live.

I was with the guy, it was a completely standard bike apart from extended fuel tank, it still even had the key in it, in the first race Saturday it lost 4th Gear but still finished, I gave him my famous Honda insult t-shirt and a DOCGB key ring, I had to try to explain about the t-shirt and just before I startd an international incident I let him read it, they though it was great…

A Former world endurance champion, WSB race winner and Very succesfull BSB rider who also has vast experience of the roads including the IOM. In fact a world famous rider, was so desperate to ride in theis years TT on a Ducati (yes on a Ducati, and if you knew who he was you would know why!) he even offered to buy his own bike, but he was not allowed.

Not a rumour, I got it from the horses mouth.


Not many fit that bill, but I know it wasn’t Mr Hodgson (he lives 3 doors from me sister and openly admits the TT course scares him in a car let alone on a bike :smiley: )… Mssrs Byrne and Rutter are under Duc contracts, although Rutter on a NW200 bike would’ve been perfect… that would leave McWilliams or Walker - both of whom have a great fondness for the IOM… or have I missed someone - surely not a certain 39 year old Aussie?

Would love to see what Haga or Xaus could make of the TT course — although thats something that could only result in a lap record or big-style tears :astonished:

I also spoke to the famous racer who said he was absolutely gutted at not getting a ride.
He’d even offered to buy a bike from Ducati!
He really thought that the big Ducati had a chance up the front with the leaders.
I won’t say to much or it might be obvious who he is…
But if you really want to know who he is/was ping me a PM and I’ll reply to you.
There was another 1098 entered at the TT this year but the rider binned it in practice and couldn’t get the spares needed in time for him to quailfy, so he raced a Triumph 675.

Steve R (South)

Corradi switched from a 1098 to a Triumph, but who was the no 91 bike I saw laid up in the paddock … it didn’t look fully bolted back together, but I just assumed they weren’t running it that day… it’s nowhere in the practice / results listings … or did Mr Corradi fool me by switching numbers, an that’s his 675 behind it in the piccie?

We all reckoned that this years TT was the smallest crowds anyone could remember.

However the figures indicate that in fact figures were up this year from 2006 (bearing in mind last years 2007 centenary TT was never going to be beaten) and in general visitor numbers for the TT have been rising for a number of years.

Its all at

I reckon we frightened everyone off when we turned up on the Bevels?


Must admit, roads seemed quieter than usual over there; then again I haven’t been to TT for a few years so could be a memory problem :smiley: , but finding a sailing where I could get the bike booked onto the boat was difficult, and everyone mentioned there wasn’t a spare space on any on the crossings they were on … so must’ve been loads of us funny biking folk there!

More determined to get to the Manx GP now though - all signs (heavy policing in towns/villages, over-officious spectating restrictions, and ‘marshalling issues’) indicate that the EU will get it’s way next year and impose speed limits. I know more than a couple of Cheshire/Lancs constabulary employees who are also of the same opinion and are determined to have one last blast this August…