Todays DOC (GB) rally

With the news of next years Severn valley rally I thought I would arrange a club meet, next to a tourist steam railway to see how easy it would be. No problem really.

I easily arranged some factory race bikes to display, a few celebreties, including one on a Bevel from France, and a special steam train for the rally goers as well as a vintage aircraft fly past …

…no problem at all…

Think your head muddled with all that Bevel riding LOL

good show you got more toys than me

Bloody heller you two boys are more childish than me!! :laughing:

It’s Desmo Dom from the Joe Bar Team with his Bevel with ‘Proper’ spoked wire wheels if I’m not mistaken and is that a ME 262 in the fly-past Keith? :blush:
I’ll get my anorak and shut the door on my way out…

Steve R

Yup the Stations red wine bar in the garden was open yesterday!!!

I’m hoping the rest of the joe Bar team will be making an appearance soon, but at £11.50 for each model I get one at a time- I thought the guy with the KH750 next as it happens. The 262 was a bargin, 1:18 scale and only £25.00.I was hoping to get a Valentino Rossi, but so far have only found 1:12 scale ones which is just too big.

I hope you noticed that Wallace and Grommit have chopped in the Triumph and now ride a Ducati monster outfit!

Its all for the boy you know

I may be getting older, but I will damned if I am going to grow up!

Keef :laughing:

As a wise man once said, “Growing old is compulsory but growing up is optional!” I’ll drink to that. :laughing:


your grip on reality is tenuous at the best of times and for that we love you :slight_smile:

Excellent, Keef. And I see it didn’t rain, neither …




Who invited the Jerry in the ME262! BMW’s are OK, but we must draw the line at WWII Nazi jet fighters, it’ll ruin the grass… eee watch out lad!
Bloody great Keith, I think you might have overdone it with the Crocodle though :smiley:

Shhhh… Don’t tell Keef! I sold it to him as a dog, he thinks it’s a short-legged, long-tailed, crinkle-backed water whippet :slight_smile:

We had a ride out last night, and some more of the Joe Bar team turned up.

Looks like Goodwood last weekend! :slight_smile: