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Hi all. After 14 years since giving up road bikes since my children were born I’ve got a pass back. :smiley: I’ve owned bikes from rd350 lc r1 fire blade zxr gsxr’s etc etc but nothing quite floated my boat like my old 1998 ducati 996 :astonished: so my first choice on my return had to be a ducati. I’ve chosen a 1098s :slight_smile: 2007 with just under 6k on the clock.ive only ridden it once quickly because it is due cam belts etc.(don’t want to push my luck) I’ve ordered a full service kit so I will crack on and give it a thorough going over vr soon it would be great to hear members thoughts on this model!! I chose the 1098 over the 1198 because I thought I would keep it slightly more old school without the abs/tc etc. as I spend all week working on cars as I’m a master tech I’m really looking foward to getting stuck into the bike… I will let you know how I get on and my thoughts with regard to the cam belt change/tension procedure Spk soon. Tony

welcome aboard matey :smiley:

Hi Tony, welcome to Ducati ownership and enjoy your bike

Hello and welcome, you will love it and part of the fun is working on them

[size=150]Welcome, Let us know how it all goes. Be interested to hear.[/size]