Too many toys...

Bugger, completely forgot that 1994 900 Monstar frame in the roof above the Garage has a log book, and didn’t notice the sorn letter that came while I was on my hols…

…untill I got my official telling off letter and fine through the post today! :cry:

Too many half built bits here. That frame has got to go!!!

The same thing happened to me Keef, only mine was a forgotten 851/888!!
I wriggled and wriggled but in the end had to pay the fine.

Steve R

PS On Saturday I took Nessie over to Saltash on the old 301MZ to pick up her car.
I threw on my old Belstaff and when I went to buckle up the belt I found I needed to adjust it in by 5".
I hadn’t worn it since before I went on the low cholesterol diet…
I’ve now lost 36lbs and hope to loose another 7lbs or so before next years TT.

Only got one long term project here and thats the Moto Martin which has been in bits before they ever thought of Sorn. If I ever get round to rebuilding it the beaurocracy battle might be interesting.

Steve R - you will have to wear an ID badge on the Island next year or your mates will not speak to you.

Steve B

Thanks for that Steve B,
Unfortunately I’m still as ugly and grey as before not to mention as LOUD, so I think they’ll have no problems spotting me. :laughing:
But I might be there in disquise though, as I can now fit into my old race leathers, so my colour scheme might change.
The 30 year old black apart from the sleaves MW leathers look very ‘Period’ when worn with Small Part’s lid, I’ve been using it to commute to work in, I swear the old MZ goes faster just from wearing the great mans lid. :wink:
I had a lovely phone conversation with Paul’s Mrs (Maggie Smart nee Sheene) and asked her if it was true that he was known as Small Part?
She not only said that it was true, but also told me their daughter Paula was known as ‘Smaller Part’.

Steve R