touring using bologna as a base

Hi im mac a newish member who goes to the east lancs branch meets. starting doing some homework for a trip to italy to the factory and also perhaps a wsbk or motogp round. Early plan is to use bologna as a base and ride out of there daily. dont fancy riding all the way there though as im on a 748 and lookin into possibility of railsavers into allesandria as time saved would offset cost more or less. Has anybody any experience of this? any info or help much appreciated. reply through forum or if better email many thanks hope to see you at a do soon

Glad you joined the forum, will give you all you need at next meet, also a planned trip to Mugello next year having your bike taken there, you fly and meet it !!!

I think there’s an article in a back issue of Desmo about someone taking their bike by train when they went to WDW a few years ago, seems a good idea, and several people have endorsed this method of travel.

Hello Mac, we’re organising a trip for Ducati UK down to the Mugello GP in June and later in the year(Sept) to the San Marino GP. Taking the bikes down to Italy on a trailers, using the company that brings the new bikes in from Italy. If you are interested in a place please let me know and I will provide details. Best regards Tony