Track Day bike insurance


I’m trying to find an insurer for one day on the tracks. Can find ones offering personal injury cover but as yet one for covering my bike.

Unfortunately neither my current insurance broker nor insurer provide this.

Any suggestions please?

Good luck with that. Anyone that does do it will not be cheap.

Not aware of anyone offering it…there is 1 company that offers personal injury cover for racers (ACU license holders) but not sure about track days.

Mce do free track day cover with all policies. Big excess from memory (as you’d expect in fairness) but in the case of a total loss it’s better than ending up with nothing. I gave up track days 3 years ago and there was always talk of insurance people being around in case anyone was tempted to claim that damage was done on the road. Perhaps they were? I managed 9 years unscathed. Just. :laughing:

Thanks guys for your advice. :slight_smile:

Heard pretty much the same things from my biking mates.

Gotta say I’m too timid to take my pride & joy onto the tracks uninsured. :neutral_face:

Guy at work got a don’t-care-if-crashed bike just for the tracks… any heavily discounted Panigale out there? :wink: