TT offski

The forward party are packed and ready for the off. 11.15 sailing from Liverpool tomorrow means engines start at 5am start for us!

See the rest of you in a week.


Hi all,
It’s too late for me to wish Keith and family a safe journey.
But I’ll wish all of the rest of the DOCGB Island raiders a safe trip.
I’ll be going over early Saturday morning arriving around 6am with Spaggies Port Erin crew and look forward to catching up with everyone.

I’m just putting the wheels and brakes back on my '92 851/916cc.
I got new tyres fitted yesterday Michelin Pilot Road 2 2ct’s, as they’re meant to be good in the wet…
Lets hope I don’t have to find out!
I phoned the Island this morning to get the OK TO send my luggage over by post, the girl at the Cherry Orchard said “No Problem” and that they’re bathed in gloroius sunshine.

This will be my 17th TT/MGP, even at my age (52 in July) I still get excited and nervous as to wether I’ve missed anything in the bikes preparation…
The motor was totally in bits during the winter, new mains, decoke, valve job, an even lighter flywheel and new 12mm (up from 10mm) Titanium engine mounting bolts/nuts/spacers it’s only covered around 600 miles since I put it together.
But this did include a full day having the nuts wrung out of it on the Dyno*, setting the fueling up via a new custom Hackett chip and a Power commander PCIII usb, she hit 116rwbhp and 76.4 ft-lbs of torque.

*A nervous time when the only person to blame if it goes ‘tits up’ is me.
The bike survived, the only casualties being a blown tail light and the rev counter drive gave up the ghost a couple of days later, both since repaired.
I’ve also upgraded/overhauled the brakes, re-gassed the rear shock and changed the spring for a lighter poundage one £££’s.
That’ll teach me not to go on a diet! :unamused:
All good interesting fun but sometimes I wish that I could afford to pay someone to do it for me, or buy a modern bike as it can get to be hard work even stressfull at times.
However when it all goes well I get a real kick out of making the older models really fly and they’re unique to me.
I’ve taken my ‘92 851 from 82rwbhp up to 116rwbhp a 34bhp gain and she still pulls max’ power at under 10,000rpm.

Ride safe everybody and have a good TT.

Steve R The Southern softy version…

I’m heading for the Island on Friday.
Like Steve it will be my 17th TT/MGP (every one on a Ducati) and I always regard it as the highlight of the year.
The folks at work will be pleased to see the back of me on thursday night as I can’t stop talking about it.

Practice this evening was warm and sunny and the main contenders were all going well - according to my mate who is fortunate enough to live on the Island.

For those who are going - see you next week.
For those who are not or cannot go - try harder next year.
For those who have never been - JUST DO IT.

arrived on island dead on time and went directly to castletown for billown circuit racing. First bike we saw in practice was a 750SS bevel! Singles race was awsome, the slip streaming between rival father and son was incrdible!

Main billown races on Monday, so we have a day on the beach tomorrow!

keef and family!

Peel beach today, ice Cream and rode home via The one way moutain circuit. Windy Corner on a 140bhp outfit is , “fun”

Lots of bikes already on the island, but we noticed most of the people doing laps locals!

Keef and Family

They’ll be getting in some last min’ practice before the ‘Numpties’ arrive Keith.

Steve R

Getting my packing started now. Whether I’ll be finished before I leave I’ve no idea.
Had some really bad news this morning (see announcement) but I look forward to seeing everyone on the Friday night tub (and Keeffy on Saturday)

I’ll save some beer and cream teas for you!

We had a double cream tea today after the post classic races at castletown.


hurry up you lot, we had more cream teas today!

Day on th beach, and now off to practice!

Hi Keith,
Nessie posted off my luggage today, the Post Office said it’ll be at the Cherry Orchards before 1pm tomorrow.
So I’ll just have a few quick fix tools and wet weather riding kit in my tankbag.
I’ve been ridding the 851 all week and just need to adust/lube the chain then I’m set for the off on Friday morning.

Nessie, our 2 little girls and I had a Fish ‘n’ Chips dinner and ice creams at Looe this evening.
Then down to the beach it was lovely and warm right uptil 8 O’clock, just about to dunk the girls in the bath to wash off the sand before bed.
We had the beach to ourselves as all the holiday makers had gone off for their tea and
It only took us 20 min’s to get home!
The girls looked at your pic’ and asked if we could go there one day after school?

Steve R

Interestingly enough, we had the beach to ourselves untill school finished, then most of Laxey Primary school joined us, including about 20 that decided our castle was “cool” and would not leave us alone (bless!)


PS practice was “cool” tonight Johnny put in a 129.66, ans he has been fastest all week…

No problem, it’s only a short jog from Ronaldsway. And you can be back in time for supper.

We arrive in the wee hours of Sunday; staying down in Port St Mary as usual. Catch up with you at the BBQ !

0790 394-8870

John McGuiness put in a 130.17 tonight. In 5 lap he rode 3 different bikes!!!

This is him putting in the 130.17…

I believe that he put in the 130.17 after breaking the screen with his head at Ballaugh, so the rest of the lap was done without wind protection and then slowing down and pulling in at the pits, so it wasn’t a flying lap!
If the perfect conditions hold we could well see the lap record smashed in the races this year…
Of course this all depends on the 50p ignition wire that keeps breaking on the balls out works Honda’s holding together this year! :unamused:

Isn’t it strange that it’s always this 50p wire that breaks on the Honda’s ?
It’s absolutly nothing to do with the fact that the crankshaft’s have snapped, after being over tuned in an attempt to keep the TAS Suzuki’s at bay???

Sometimes I wonder if Mr Honda is maybe, just maybe telling ‘Porkies’ ???

Steve R

P.S. Keith all of your pic’s so far this year have been top notch IMHO.

I reckon you are nearer the mark with broken cranks than Mr Honda with his broken wires Steve, When Guy Martin’s engine let go on Sulby straight last year it was more like the sound of a hand grenade than shredding strands of copper wire.

Let’s hope he has a much overdue win this year.

See you at the Creg on Sunday.