Two all-new Ducati Scrambler specials presented at Motor Bike Expo 2017

Two all-new Ducati Scrambler specials presented at Motor Bike Expo 2017

Two new specials - named Scrambler R/T and Essenza - designed by Anvil Motociclette and South Garage
Scrambler Essenza awarded Best in Show
New developments from the Scrambler Family showcased

Borgo Panigale, Bologna (Italy), 26 January 2017 - Ducati Scrambler presented two new Specials at Motor Bike Expo 2017 in Verona (20-22 January): the Ducati Scrambler R/T and Essenza. These two new specials were the result of incredible creativity and craftsmanship by customisers Anvil Motociclette and South Garage.

The Ducati Scrambler R/T Special by Anvil Motociclette (two up-and-coming young bike customisers from Parma, Italy) takes its cue from the fashion world while evoking the spirit of the Ducati R/T (Road and Track), a bike that, back in the 70s, left a distinctive mark on the Ducati Scrambler range.
The Anvil boys threw themselves into this adventure by taking the Scrambler Sixty2 as their starting point, remodelling everything but the engine and front frame. “We wanted to pay homage to this glorious Ducati", stated the two customisers, "by giving it a modern twist as if today’s motocross world had lurched sideways and by bringing some of the styling traits of the seventies into the present day”. The fuel tank has the original shaping of the 70s model, but has been modified to match the modern frame perfectly, while the handlebars mirror the classic design seen in Californian desert competitions. Likewise, the seat also stemmed from a re-think of the original model: it’s in cow hide to give the bike that inimitable 1970s American stuntman look. “The Scrambler Special R/T carries the number 53 because”, explains Anvil Motociclette, “that’s the number of days it took us to customise it!”.

The Scrambler Essenza, instead carries the South Garage signature and is a re-interpretation of the Ducati Scrambler with a decidedly Café Racer slant. Remaining faithful to its own vintage racer traditions, the Essenza makes masterly use of craftsmanship and Mediterranean creativity. The Essenza name (EN: essence) reflects the Milan-based South Garage team’s desire to transmit a concept close to their hearts, bending the rules without breaking them in order to bring out the very best of the bike. Aesthetically it resembles the original Ducati Scrambler without intrusive work on frame or suspension. “The style of the Scrambler Essenza stems from a modern, refined ‘Steam Punk’ reading in which superb craftsmanship, the quest for superlative materials, tone and finish are all combined with technical solutions of no small significance”, stated the South Garage customisers.
Taste and savoir faire have always been the hallmarks of the Ducati Scrambler brand, qualities found in abundance on this wicked yet refined “chic racer”.

The Scrambler Essence won the award Best in Show at the Concours d’Elegance organised by Italian magazine Motociclismo.

In keeping with tradition, the Land of Joy showcased numerous new developments at the Verona Motor Bike Expo such as: a ‘Building a Brand’ workshop specially for high school students; the Ducati Scrambler Radio, with the yellow containers offering up a series of live programmes featuring guests, news and great music; and for innovation and technology fans, the Scrambler Virtual Reality Experience, a special corner dedicated to exciting new digital realities.

The entire Ducati Scrambler family was exhibited at the stand, including the new models presented at the Milan fair: the Desert Sled and Café Racer and the new Icon Silver Ice and Classic Sugar White colour schemes. And, thanks to a vast range of accessories designed to give the bike a cool touch of uniqueness, the world of Ducati Scrambler customisation is accessible to all.

Finally, the Scrambler stand, in cooperation with Volkswagen, displayed a pastel white Amarok premium pick-up, specially customised for the event and with eye-catching graphics in full Ducati Scrambler style.
Off-road spirit, flair and the freedom to go wherever you want are just some of the key traits shared by Amarok and Ducati Scrambler: clear confirmation of the soundness and efficacy of a perfect, synergic partnership.