916 all fresh and not a grain of dirt to be seen on her.
plan a ride on a nice weekend, head off towards wales and…

it hammers down with rain five mins after leaving the garage :unamused:
wasnt the only one, my brother and kev baker were in it too :laughing:

I know what you mean, spend more time cleaning the bloody things !!!

There’s a simple answer here…
Do as I do and only clean them once a year, or when you’ve got them apart to work on them*,brakes get cleaned when they need to be bled or the pads changed etc.
If I wanted something to sit and polish I’d buy my shelf some Horse Brass’s.
My bikes might not be spotless but then they’re used all year round and they’ve won a few best bike etc awards over the years.

*I last sat and actually cleaned my 851/916 just before last years TT, since then I’ve modified the swinging arm, rear cushdrive/sprocket, repainted the Mag’ alternator cover, swapped the entire frontend (apart from the carbon mudguard) and both wheels, so those parts are nice and clean…

Steve R

I just like them to look nice when I set off out, I know but each to their own !!! I wish I could do to mine what you do to yours Steve

Yes Martyn, “to each their own”. You and I are on the same wavelength. Clean out and clean when back, but I’m sure I’m not the only one, who’se cleaned their bike before a trip and found a fault on her. If you do the RoSPA 6 week advanced riders course, one of the things that you are taught, is “POWDER” before any journey. How many do it? or even know what “POWDER” stands for? { answers to this thread}
Dave Hughes

Petrol,Oil,Water,Damage,Electrics,Rubber (tyres)

Did my ROSPA for cars when i worked for Bentley a good few years ago.
Still had to look up what it meant though lol

My bikes don’t go short of frequent maintenance, safety inspections etc, it’s just I don’t suffer from the bike cleaning fetish.*
Because of this I don’t get pissed off if it rains when I’m out on them. :laughing:

*I’ve already got enough bike related ones of those!
I change all of the fasteners, spokes etc for Stainless Steel,Titanium or anodised alloy ones, anodise all of the bare alloy parts, apart from the old Bevel motors (and carbs) which I spray with WD40, powder coat the frames, wheels etc to keep corrosion at bay.
I do understand the ROSPA thing.
A mate who tunes KTM’s always tells his customers to clean their bikes, because that way they might spot a fault before it becomes a big problem.
He also says that my Duclateries (his name for them not mine!) are some of the best prepared bikes he’s ever seen. :wink:

But then every single nut, bolt, screw, circlip, shim, seal and part both inside and out (apart from the suspension internals which I trust to Maxton) was/is put there by me.
That way I know it’s been done properly…I build my own Ducati’s and funnily enough parts don’t fall off of them.

Steve R

Your bikes are some of the best I have seen Steve, wished you lived a bit closer !!!

Do I wash my bike before setting off today for seven valley rally? Weather forecast says no point. I’m going to get wet at some point over the weekend. But who cares I love riding what ever the weather.

I’ve always said bikes are for riding not cleaning.

dont get me wrong guys, i use my bikes every oportunity i get.
nowt wrong with wanting a clean bike now is there? :smiley:
i just like them clean, as i clean them i can see if anything is untoward. that way i can sort it before anything orrid happens :open_mouth:

My Multistrada is caked, so going by the above argument I’m in for a nice dry pleasant ride to work tonight. Hmmmm. Waterproofs again!

The answer is to have a garage full of Ducati’s then you always have a clean one to go out on.
Once they are all dirty it’s Winter again. Ho Hum back in the garage.

Thought this was turning into the Southern R appreciation society.

Haven’t seen you Mr R for a while.

Hope see you soon

Northern Mr R