Tyres for a 999S

Hi there,
I’m new the forum. Posted in the Autumn looking for a 999S. Well I finally found a beautiful low mileage example. My question is what tyres do owners favour? I’ll be using it on the road only, mainly dry miles. Also what paddock stands do people like for winter storage?

Tyres are a personal choice, it’s what suits you as a rider, I use Michelin MP3’s on my M900…

Hi Quickquack

As Wayne says it is very much down to feeling comfortable and confident for those of us who don’t explore the last few percent of tyre performance. I have been using Bridgestones or Pirellis on my Ducatis for more than 10 years. Before that I mostly used Avons.


Pirelli for me where possible, Avon on the Paso

Thanks for that. will have a butchers at their offerings