Hi guys, on my 1995 Ducati 750ss I have just discovered the chain is rubbing on the rear tyre, the tyre on the bike is a Dunlop sportmax qualifier 160/60 ZR17, alinement is fine and the chain isn’t slack, any ideas?

If your sure the tyre is fine and the chain in fine then something must be bent / off.

Is the wheel correctly installed?

Has the bike been down?

The tyre size looks OK.
Are you sure that the chain alignment is correct ie that the sprockets are fitted correctly?
And check that the rear wheel is installed inline with the bike, check the spindle position relative the the end of the swinging arm?


Hi guys, thanks for your help, all is ok now, I am still a novice when it comes to these old bikes so everything is new to me and quite often I ask what might seem simple questions, wheel alignment is new to me but a buddy showed me where I went wrong, the wheel alignment was wrong when I bought my bike unknown to me so when I tried aligning the wheel I was getting nowhere,lol, I use my Haynes manual whenever I can. A major achievement for me was changing the oil and filter and spark plugs this week and what a great feeling that was, lol

No problem, we all have to learn somehow, at least it’s sorted out now.
It is god to do stuff yourself, saves loads of money and give you a good insight into how stuff works for the times when it doesn’t.