Underseat exhaust heat when you live in a very hot country

I live in the UAE - in a literal desert - where it’s always either hot, very hot or incredibly hot. I used to live in a very cold country and I had a 749 - the exhaust pipes going under the seat would above roast the nuts off you on anything more than 20c/68f. Where I live it’s always in the 30’s (85-95f) pretty much - and I really don’t have to slow cook my nuts every time I’m at a traffic light or going slow. I swore I’d never do it again.

I’m looking at a new bike and there are several 848’s, 1189’s etc and other that have the underseat exhaust. I was told even some of the bikes with the exhaust at the bottom still have the heat probem.

Is there anything you can do about this at all?

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Not had a problem in North UK on my 749 or my 748, I would stay away from under seat living there

Every bike would get hot there surely and we sit on top of the engine. Not just Ducs

Hey there Joel,
Sorry to hear about your balls…sounds hot!

Side note: Me and the wee fam are hoping to move over to Qatar this year when things get organised. I’m hoping to bring my 1098 Streetfighter with me. Do people ride during the day or just night rides?
Are there groups etc
Where are you over there…

Just reaching out mate as you are there…