unfaired ST4

i do prefair a bike without fairingbut thats just me

Nice :smiley:

Looks Good like that

they do look nice without a fairing!

oh wow!!! thats diffrent lol great pic

and another

Sunny Peel, about four miles from me .

ive often looked at my st and thought about taking the fairing off. but all the wiring, pipes and coolant tank puts me off doing it.

yes mate i bought it like that but still need to move fuse block and some other connections from behind clocks as are going to get soaked, but love how it looks
ScreenHunter_92 Feb. 03 20.58.jpg
ScreenHunter_93 Feb. 03 20.58.jpg

coming up to 15k ? anyone advise reasonable place and price for belts ? on st4

Rod Haddon in Bewdley, send me a PM for his details

Different, I like it

got my belts £15 each yesssss ,

Where? That’s amazingly cheap!

They may be cheap but are they of good quality?

Whilst the cost of belts is high the cost of a damaged engine is much more. I never understand why anybody would consider using non standard belts.

I bought a bike with an engine that was damaged because somebody had taken a risk on belts and when you look at the degree of damage (completely wrecked cylinder and head) it makes you realise the risk is not worth it.

In the last month I have replaced the belts on my 998, Monster, 907ie, 900 SuperSport, 851 and Indiana (getting ready for spring) and they were all factory original belts - not cheap but I do not want any of the engines damaged so a sound investment in my book.


DAYCO Belts , from local bike shop in Willenhall,

i think iv now bought a demon bike , electrical problems , i have moved all the joints , solderd and shrink wrap , fuses blowing , overheating cus the radiator neck was cracked , rear breather pipe cam of engine spaying oil all over rear of bike !!! now i think the battery is s-crap , i have a 12volt battery load test meter , and when battery is charged passes tests ok 12v 12amp, bike starts ok then starts fine when warm , but if i leave it standing , battery flat , after i persuaded my self it was the battery and not a bad earth !!!
what next

does anyone have any info on checking the electrical system on the st4?
im not 100% sure ive got a duff battery ?
when i check battery it charges and holds at about 12.5volts , shows 12Ah on battery tester …
when i do remove battery lead from running bike it does run like crap , but is the normal ?

any advice again would be most apprettiated

think ive sorted all problems , loving it

no im not drinking at 9am sunday morning by the wAy