Unridden 1997 Ducati 916 SPS

photo copy 4.jpghello I am selling this bike in the coming weeks and thought you might like a look.
any thoughts suggestions welcome on 1997ducati916sps@gmail.com

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Knowing how much the list price for one of these was and how much you could actually get one for (Not quite the same :wink: ) if you waved £ notes,
I’ll be quite interested to see how much it goes for.

I must also say what a waste of a good bike, it being never used IMO…
Added to that the fact that the future buyer is probably never going to ride it either. :unamused:
Dr T and the people who trained under/followed him would no doubt be just a bit bemused, all that effort to make a master piece only for it to never be ridden in anger.

I’m going out on a limb here (DILLIGAF) but shame on the owner.

Steve R…Pleased to say I’ve ridden to the max every bike I’ve ever owned or been offered a ride on.

not many dodo’s… tasty though.

[size=150]Totally agree, no way could I have that sitting there unused, the temptation would be to much.

Ride them that’s what they are for. [/size]

[size=150]How much is it worth?
Having it standing unused for that long wouldn’t do it much good, would it?
But I suppose it will look good as a coffee table in somones front room :frowning:

Hey Captain.

I find a carefull clean can be a stitch in time



has it ever been run up since the pdi?
standing that long could cause lots of woes :cry: .
still a thing of immense beauty and i would love it and cuddle it and call it george :smiley:
out of interest, who did the pdi at Fowlers?

Are you going to advertise it in Panigale Parts? I’m just doing that section for Desmo 206 now …

No idea cant find Panigale parts on forum any help…

Paigale parts is in the Desmo club magazine.

Hello everyone this bike is now for Sale On Ebay! Unridden 1997 Ducati 916 SPS
cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? … 1151451749

I find you need to ride a bike before you need to clean it :wink:

[size=150]I have looked at ebay. I am afraid I can’t afford it. But good luck with sale, it will be interesting to see it sell.[/size]

I can’t afford it either! Good luck with your sale …

I’d be stunned if it makes £25K, (I think you’re dreaming Foggy Reps don’t pull that sort of money) for that sort of cash you could find a passable genuine ex race 888 Corse.
I know which one I’d rather have, my avatar will give you a clue…My self built in a shed in Cornwall 851/916 “Bitsa” will kick a 916/996SPS’s arse.

Just my opinion but a good 916SP, Foggy Rep’ or a late 996SPS with the full Ohlins suspension would be far more collectable.

Steve R

Good luck, I think unfortunately all it will ever be now is an ornament, a shame really but I am sure someone will want it as it is a stunning machine.

did someone push it for 6km then?

sorry, i’ll get me coat :blush:

I have to agree with Mr R - This bike makes two people very sad,
1 - Me because it has been wasted sitting there for all these years,
2 - the person who bought it, stuck under a cover and left it unused and unloved for such a long time is a very sad person indeed.