unsubscribed from email list....why?

I got an email yesterday informing me that I had successfully un-subscribed from the email list. Thing is I didn’t knowingly unsubscribe.
I should say its not problem because I have just re-subscribed from the page on this website.
But I thought I would let you know in case there is some kind of glitch causing this. Any ideas what might have happend was it just me or has it effected others?


I got an email from the “email list” site saying that your email account was not accepting emails. I tried sending one to you directly and got the same response. I assumed that either

  • you had changed your email account and forgotten to unsubscribe your old one


  • there was an issue with your subscription

I decided the best option was to unsubscribe your account. I was sure that either you would get the notification and resubscribe or the email account was indeed no longer in use.

Apologies if it inconvenienced you but I was getting an email everytime somebody used the list saying it could not send to you.



Thanks Steve. Ok let me know if it continues (you can PM me if you like) I am recieving other emails on that account as normal so it might be getting blocked somewhere, as I previously said I have resubscribed, if you get the same messages again please let me know I can resubscribe with a different email address.