Uprated alternator for 900SS

Hi, I’ve just joined this group after living abroad many years and returning to my interest in bevel drive Ducatis. I am currently running a 1980 Darmah SS and an 1985 margin S2 but both are experiencing a variety of electrical problems well known to bikes of this model and era. I am looking at completely rewiring both bikes, uprating alternator, regulator and ignition systems and my first question would be in 2023 what are the best options for ignition? Sachse or Silent Hektik seem to be popular? Re alternator I could not find much info other than an old post suggesting to use a 916 stator. Last question would be as my Darmah fuse box is badly perished would it be good idea to go to a solid state system like Motogadget m box and do a complete rewire? Trying to attach picture of the sad state of the wiring. Any advice on the latest modern upgrades for ignition, alternator and rewiring much appreciated!