use of forum

ive only joined two forums not very pc wise you see!! i joined for info when i need it my last post was in may ive just posted in the singles section wanting 160 parts it takes me so long with with one finger !!! i dont bother i now practice makes purfict nust ty hadder :laughing: the other forum ive joined was the reliant club because we bought a four wheeled reliant called a kitten built in 1976 we needed to find parts and learn all the tech stuff as we are restoring it to its former glory whilst using it as daily transport!!! a very worthy site if you like the tech stuff and some good jokes too got to go me finger is hurting !!!ciao

Hi Dave. Have you tried the newest Voice recognition software? It’s pretty good these days compared to the older ones and they are next to nothing to buy. You simply plug a mic into the pc and then talk, what you say gets written on the screen.

Sometimes it doesn’t give you the right word so you need to spell-check everything when you have finished.