Valve Shims

I want to do my own service’s on my ST4s. Tools are not a problem but how do I get hold of a selection of valve shims? I’ve seen the American site but with the pound to doller at an all time low 300+ dollers is a bit steep! Surley someone sells them in the uk.Can anyone help? Mick M

I’ve found that shims bought from EMS in the States work out cheaper and arrive quicker than items sourced here in the UK, even with the current exchange rate they’re still a good buy.
The same goes for the shims supplied by V Two in Australia.
If you can’t afford a full kit just buy the ones you need, I’d go up and down one size just to make sure you’ve got all of the bases covered, slightly oversized shims can be rubbed down to the correct size needed on an oil stone.

Steve R

There is also the club’s tool hire service. I’m not sure if we have a shim kit for the 4 valve bikes as well as the two valvers. A quick call to Bob Fox would sort this out. This is a free service BTW, you just pay for the postage.

Thanks verry much lads I’ll be pulling it apart after xmas so I’ll let you know how I get on. Mick

I just checked. Sorry we don’t have a shim set for the 4 valvers at the moment :frowning:

O well never mind I’ll find some somehow!! Mick