Valve stem oil seals?

Yes ok me again, so question do i need to be a Gynaecologist to fit the valve stem oil seals in a 916?
The Haynes manual suggests a socket and a screw driver but that all slides about too much for me.

So i have bent a steel rod and am going to weld an 11mm socket to the end and wake it with a hammer.
This way i can keep it more square and have less chance to slip IMHO.

But just thought i wuld ask the best practice from the collective first.

Yeh i know its a bit of a school biy question and i have fittete loads of seals but not in a Ducati before :confused:

There’s a Ducati Special Tool (Part number…887130833) for fitting the valve guide seals into the Desmoquatro motors, it ensures that you get a straight push on the seals.
Here’s another little tip I fit BWM car seals to my Desmoquatro heads, I can get them for only £1.50 each. :wink:

Steve R

OK the best way i found in absance of a proper tool, Needed to get it done as we do the shims Friday.

This is with the heads off.
Leave valve in.
Place the valve seal on the stem, silicone grease always good.
Long reach 11mm socket, a Halfords profesional one fits nicely over the shaft.
A flat piece of suitable metal through the head and on top of the socket.

And push works perfectly. :smiley:

I bought the special tool years ago, it’s saves me an awful lot of time. :laughing:
Another little tip here…
Shortened Renault bronze valve guides work a treat with plasma coated Stainless Steel race valves, the guides only cost me £8 each to supply, modify and fit!

Steve R