ciao belli i am ducati fanatic and owner of a 996 and SF S. hope to share some good time with you. ciao


Great to have you here. Let us know roughly where you live so those local to you can update you on local activities.



… and Hi from me :slight_smile:

ciao belli I m italian and I live in kent close to Dartford.

guys…i got a question…does somebody checks people who join the forum?

I was told by the police that thieves look at websites like this to target motorcycles…

anyway… hope to get some good advice here and chat with nice people about our motorcycles…

Hi, Have you checked out your local Kent branch. Find details on website click on branches, South East.

currently it’s only DOC GB members who can view the forum …


Sorry to disagree but that is not true. Anybody can do a Google type search and find the forum and view it.

Nobody should ever put info on the forum that would identify them and their bikes location. Personal info such as addresses, telephone numbers, etc should never be put on a website. You will see that mine is not there on the “Contact Us” page. A member can get it from Desmo magazine if they need it.

My ex father-in-law was almost arrested and charged with selling stolen cars because someone got his details from a phone book. Just imagine how much easier it is to get access to your info if you put it on a website or forum. The police told me to ensure I was ex-directory and never put any personal info on the Internet

If you want to share such info do it using a PM



Good advice Steve, a bit late for me I think, nearly got a Wikipedia page … Hello and welcome, nice bikes you have there, think I have seen pictures on FB

thanks Martin…when enter in my garage i just feel in another dimension…i love twins engines so much…i even had twins girls qo months ago!!! how funny is that! :smiley:

thanks everybody for the wellcome

Very good, they will give you trouble in a few years as well !! I know, they are very special bikes, I am at their birth place this week end !!

are you going to bologna? well…say hello to Italy for me if you go…i miss it

Yes, tomorrow morning, I certainly will !! I will have a beer for you as well, I will get pictures on, through the blog or here.