Vote for Ducati

My mate, Stewart Milton, would like your help and assistance please. His freshly restored Hailwood Replica is entered in this years Classic Bike of the Year Awards. Here is an extract of the email that he sent me:


I’m still trying to drum up support for the MHR (and I’m sure everyone’s getting fed up with it).

Very aware that the owners clubs on some of the other bikes are active (RD forum, Kawa 3, Laverda, to name a few), and don’t want to get whitewashed…

Any chance you could persuade any votes from the DOC? Do they have a forum or something that you could post this on? Or can you bash something out to a mailing list?

Pic here of the bike with a fat old git if it helps.

Appreciate any help you can give…

email to or phone 0901 192 6010 (10p - could do it 25 times for the price of a pint!)


You don’t need to write anything in the email, just sending it will register your vote, but you can only send one per email address. If any of you could see your way to helping out it would be very much appreciated both by myself and Stu. Please also note that this will now be used to blackmail him into club membership. :smiley: