Has anyone got a spare widecase swingarm they’d care to part with?

this is my second reply to your question. Don’t know where the first one went. Brian Silver knows a man who has the last remains of a Scrambler to sell which includes the frame and associated bits.

I’ll have to check the parts book.

Can’t remember if SCR one is slightly different :confused: Don’t think so but I’ll check.

450 ones are braced (ish) :laughing:

hope this could be of some help was bored so browsing e bay, yeh i know get a life!
anyway found a 250 mk 3 widecase single on there the bike has only done about 500 miles, but he is also having a garage clearout with many various spares for this bike.
dont know how to transfer the link but the sellers e bay name is rogerfron.
and obviously found under ducati search. also selling pantah 500. … just read the above thread probally wrong bike altogether. :unamused:
anyway hope it might help!

Sorry should have pulled the request as I got one off evilbay the other week.

Now if anyone has a set of forks suitable for a double sided Grimeca brake…

RE: posting link just hit the URL button then paste the link in:


There’s quite a lot of single stuff on ebay UK at the moment. A couple of years ago it was all offshore.

Are you still looking for a 180mm double sided front stopper? It’s just that I’ve got this 4 leading shoe 180mm setup going ‘spare’ - Grimeca drum and Menani brake plates :open_mouth:
Also have a pair of fork legs - 35mm Ceriani GP lookalikes from GCB.
They’ll all be on the stand at Stafford if you want to view; beware the puddles of drool as you approach and leave the stand :exclamation: :sunglasses: