Wanted '94 900SS MPH Speedo and Headlight

Wanted to get my 900SS through the MOT prior to registering it, an MPH speedometer (white face, black markers) to replace the KPH one fitted at the moment. Condition of the bezel is not too important as long as the speedo works and the glass/face is good. The bezel will be cut off and the speedo fitted in a stainless housing that I made for it.

Also wanted a left hand dipping headlight for UK roads.



Even the genuine OEM left hand dipping units will fail the MOT without an added well positioned piece of tape.
…and that’s a fact, as they’re such a piss poor unit.
Been there and done that one as I own 2 851’s that have the same headlamp unit.

Steve R

I’ve never had one fail Steve! I’ve got a UK headlamp on the shelf in my workshop. What parts do you need?

I’ve never had one fail Nick, but I have had a picky tester stick tape on the lens for me, another tester told me that it dipped the wrong way and I know it’s the correct one as I’ve got spares of both kinds.
The place I use now the guys quite happy that the beam goes up and down.

Steve R