Warranty and disc brakes

Was told by the garage that both my brake discs (both!!) are warped(!) and need replacing… they’ve applied to Ducati to have them replaced under warranty.

Was told that it’s not certain they will be covered under warranty as brake-discs are a grey area. Quite stressful awaiting the verdict as been told brake-discs are expensive.

BTW - my Monster 821 is about 18 months old and less than 4500 miles.

Anyone had experience with having their brake-discs replaced? Under warranty or not?

Also any ideas how they get warped? (nope I’ve not taken my monster on track… so no extreme braking here)

Not heard of any issues at all, hot and cold doesn’t do them any good, brake hard then hit a puddle.
Let’s hope they get replaced.

Thanks Martyn.

Initially Ducati refused to replace my disc brakes under warranty… but thankfully the garage (Ducati Croydon) fought my corner and had them replaced for free.

Wow… I was sweating over this one I tell you…

Great news, id not heard of any issues, top marks for dealer fighting your Corner