was a sad day on friday

my ss went to live in matlock on friday, quite gutted to be honest but my legs just didnt fit it anymore :frowning:
but, on a happy note i picked up my first st today and have to say im dead chuffed with it :smiley: at least my legs fit it. no aches, pains or numb bums all the way back from buxton anyway. :smiley:

great roads around Buxton for motorcycling! Hope youโ€™re still enjoying the ST?

oh yeah, its brilliant. cant understand why i didnt get one sooner :unamused:

I never could ride a sports bike and moved straight onto the STโ€ฆbest ( and cheapest) move I ever made :smiley:

and as my daughter lives in Derbyshire the area is a regular ride out for me! :wink:

so even better :bulb: