WDW tickets

Hello all, just an update on tickets, the affiliation has not been confirmed as of yet but I do know that the tickets for this years WDW will be paid for the same as last time, one payment from the club for all the tickets. This could be a nightmare again, at this stage I am speaking with the other UK clubs and also Ducati UK, then we will need to make a decision, it will be a tough one with criticism which ever route we take.

Good luck! There were a few people asking yesterday at the Horsham event about WDW tickets, it needs to be sorted asap. :unamused:

Yes, if you read the Ducati website it is all so simple, get your member number for a half price ticket, oh no,you have to register your details online, we have to confirm that they are members they then need to send us the money then we make a payment all at once then the tickets are sent to us… Simple, I do not think that Ducati want large clubs, the affiliation and this is just not geared up for it, there are e mails to factory, to say I am sick of it already is an understatement.

I’d write direct to the CEO of Ducati, that should get it all sorted out …