Webmaster back to the grindstone

Apologies for having been a bit out of touch just recently, but I was pretty busy for a while getting re-qualified just so I can continue to stay in my chosen career. Anyway, that’s done now, and a pass first time means I can now put a bit more time back into DOC activities. Well, it would have done, if my new PC full of willy wizz-bang components and the old XP o/s had the good nature to talk to each other a bit more civilly, then my email program wouldn’t have got caught in the crossfire and refused to work in a hissy fit.
A 3lb lump hammer fixed it (I think), but whatever, I should now be a bit more up to date.

Why doesn’t the use of the 3lb lump hammer surprise me Spaggy. :unamused:

Steve R

Good to see the webmaster back on the scene - we’ve missed you! (If only for replies to CoM emails and updating the website!!)

And good news that you have re-qualified :slight_smile:

Yes welcome back Spaggy.
I’ve just spotted the 2011 event section on the forum, did you realise that there’s a password required to add a post?
Is this an oversight or more security, what’s the password please?
Just need to put the SVR 2011 info on.

I have just joined the DOC never got round to it back in the day. Last time i saw you was at an IMOC rally (iI think) in the 80’s with your 750GT. I have just converted an old GT frame to SS spec quite an easy job really. I noted that in an early edition of the DOC Mag that the first rallly was throught the RT HON George Seymore of Thrumpton hall. Well this frame came from his bike. I got it from a guy the did some ducati repairs in Nottingham in the 80’s wish I had the engine too! Do you have any idea what sort of paint i should use on the yokes and fork legs to make it look right?