Webmaster got a problem

This is just a short note while I still actually have internet access. Since last Wednesday I have had about 2 hrs of continous internet access, which I was told by Virgin was an issue at their server level, so could not be fixed by me, and may take up to 36 hrs to fix.
Not too bad, thought I, so waited, but there was still no fix by Saturday, and I was away at the V-Twin Rally over the weekend.
By last night there was still no connection, but they seem to think it is now my cable modem, so are sending an engineer out tomorrow with a new one.
All being well, I should be back on line tomorrow evening. but don’t hold your breathe. I can receive email OK but still cannot send any, so sorry if you are waiting for a response from me.
There is no point in me starting anything substantial at the moment, as any connectiuon I can get only lasts minutes, so I will let everyone know when I am working ok again.
Signing off now while it still works.

Hope you get it all sorted asap! :slight_smile:

Looks like I’m all up and running again now.
After loads of hassle, the bloody engineer never even turned up. When I rang Virgin to find out why they told me they’d fixed the issue at their end, but didn’t bother to tell me. Great when you’ve re-arranged business appointments for their benefit and waited in all day!
Anyway, I tore the whole thing apart and replaced a couple of network cables to be on the safe side, and now it all seems to be working fine, so keep your fingers crossed. I’m still not convinced it’s permanent yet, so told them I still want an engineer on Friday and a new modem, 'cos I’m pretty convinced that’s the root cause of it all.
So here’s hoping Im back in circulation properly.

I think I can confidently say that I am back on line again now.

… hurrah! but still no excuse for your ‘promised’ article about the change of email addresses not arriving … :astonished:

OK. Sorry.
I’ll make it a priority and will get you a message soon, but as editor can’t you put a short note in Desmo about it?

yes, already done that - I’ve said that all DOC GB email addresses have been changed so emails might not have reached their intended addresses … any queries to contact you.

I’ve had some articles sent by post to me as the emails ‘bounced’ … this has meant I had to type them out, so not a happy person :astonished: I can’t write everything for Desmo :slight_smile:

Which address were they “bounced” from?
As far as I am aware all are working OK, and there are none that have (yet) been discontinued.

It was the editor@docgb.net address for all DOC GB work.