Welcome kits

Hello All

The welcome kits were waiting for me when I got back from Italy, these have been sent for the people that have registered on Italy’s website as official members, this is what we are measured on, it is ok me saying we have well over 1,000 member but we have about 150 recognised members, if you have not registered then please do, if you have then I have an envelope for you, I will get one weighed and then I will put up a cost, the club cannot afford to post them so send a stamped addressed envelope or I can bring to an event/rally.

If you are unsure then e mail me and I will check if you are on the system and if there is an envelope for you, the next batch will be August, so if you register now the kit will be later in the year, the contents, wait and see …

So far, nobody has asked me for their welcome kit for 2012, postage is about 1.00, let me know and I will sort out, if not I will open all the envelopes and distribute at shows next year.

Do we have to register each year then, Martyn? If so, I’ll register … I haven’t got a 2012 kit! :wink:

No, you already there, I think I have yours, they were all posted to me !!!

Ah right … thank you! Will sort out postage etc later, you mustn’t be out of pocket on the welcome kits

what welcome kits are these ???

I requested mine via the Ducati website last week



Ok Steve, will be next year for yours unless I have some left over.

These are the ones you ask for on Ducati Italy website, it is a kind of thank you for registering as an official club member. Look under experience then Desmo Owners Clubs

Hi Martyn, not sure if you’ve had my request through, yet I registered also so you know.

I’m happy to send over the SAE, just let me know as and when sir.

Cheers, Cornish

No worries, when did you register for a welcome kit, I know it is very confusing to do it, something that the factory are sprting out

Hi Martyn I only did it the other day so don’t expect anything until next year now.