Welsh Rally

Hello All

I was speaking with Paul Leeke at Stafford and as this is the last Welsh Rally in its current format and run by Tony and Paul they are really going for it and very keen to get the numbers there, 2009’s event starts Thursday !!! They are paying for a hog roast and free beer !!! I am sure Jilly already knows that they want their ads in the first two Desmo’s of 2009 to get people there.

Should they be paying for their Ad’s ? I know it is not an official do but there is also no financial risk to the club if nobody goes !! Surely the least we can do is let them have them free, what does everybody else think and of course will go with the majority !!

There’s more to it re the ad, Martyn!
The colour page ads pay for the other colour pages in Desmo. We only take ads in blocks of 6 issues, and each ad is to take one page, this keeps the colour pages secure. Paul has requested a colour page ad for a couple of issues for the rally, and says that he and Tony have the budget to pay for the colour ads. However, things went remarkaby quiet once I sent him the current rate card (still extremly cheap, compared to other club mags!) I also said that it is now Laura who is dealing with Commercial Ads - Laura has been sent the relevant emails.
In previous years, the Welsh rally has been advertised for free, similar to official club event / participation ads. All commercial advertisers know that the ads are booked on the basis of 6 issues for each one, they may feel that if an exception has made for one, then they can follow suit. As you rightly point out, the rally is not an official DOC GB one, and we don’t stand to lose anything whatever happens …
So, what we need to decide is:

  1. should it be monchrome only?
  2. should the ad be free?
  3. colour?
  4. if 3, then how many issues and cost?

Any comments? Views?

Maybe explain it all and offer monochrome free ??

I have explained the situation to Paul - I would like to hear the views of all the CoM about it.
I’d go along with the free monochrome one - seems a good compromise.

Yes, me too (tumbleweeds blowing, whats that a bell tolling in the distance …)

I would go along with the free monochrome ad, seems a very good compromise

Well, that’s 3 of us … :wink:

Four of us.

Tony’s colourful enough already.


I think that free monochrome ads seems like a good compromise. Make that 5 of us.

Chris :laughing:

Wow, that’s a good response so far … any more? :slight_smile:

That being a quorum I think it is passed!

This might work, Com talking via the forum.

Maybe … but how many of the CoM actually look at the forum? Some only check on a weekly basis. The ‘instant’ way is still to email everyone on the CoM. However, as the generic CoM address doesn’t seem to work (unless Spaggy has now fixed it :wink: ) the best / quickest way is to use the individual email addresses that everyone has.

[size=150]Could someone give me the contact email for Tony or Paul (Merlin Rally) I would like to go this year and would like some info.

cheers Guy[/size]

Paul’s email is paul.leeke@btopenworld.com

Free black and white, thats six.

… and I’m still waiting for their artwork for the rally ad to go in Desmo!! :astonished:
If it’s not with me in by tomorrow they will again have missed the print deadline …and they have the cheek to complain it’s not in the mag - words fail me!!